Who we are
Huús Atelier is a Copenhagen-based design company focused on vibrant and colourful poster designs printed on high-quality, sustainable and FSC-certified paper.

A big part of Huús Atelier's DNA is to be bold. We want to challenge the graphic aesthetics of the time, yet still make it possible to discover past collections, and by that make design last.  

The company was founded in 2019 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and in 2020 it moved the it’s atelier to its present address on Amagerbro, also in Copenhagen.

Huús Atelier is only available online and in selected stores, but offers worldwide delivery and free delivery to all Danish addresses.



· Illum
· Illums Bolighus
· Magasin
· Boozt
· Poster & Frame
· Bolighuset Werenberg
· Notredame
· Livingshop
· Maude
· Salling
· By Flou
· Butik Skagen